15 Oct

Shayne (Juppy) Jupp, AKA Milk Crates

Pretty pleased with sneaking into the top ten for my age group and so many people to thank for getting me to the start and finish line. Nisha, Essie and Lottie have given up so much to allow me to train and race in the lead up.

Tomatoes Swim Club, CPSLSC, CM Clifton Skip Squad, Bridport and Ulverstone surf friends, Healthy Horizons and Conner Van Der Ploeg for being my brother in arms during the swim. Good to have my Dad Bill on the beach too along with so many friends from present, past and future! What an organisation to be a part of!!

Not to forget the Armchair Experts that keep my short arse well and truly planted close to the ground. Lots of photos to shuffle through in the coming days.Right now, I’m going for a mid afternoon beer. Something I haven’t had in a while.Big love to you all!

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