08 Oct

Write up for the 2022 Hobart MS Mega Swim held on  Saturday 08 October 2022 at the Donne Kennedy Aquatic Centre.Firstly, I would like to thank all the people that donated for this great cause and a big thanks to all the fellow team members new and old who gave up their free time to support and swim with the Tomatoes Swim club. Also, a big thanks to the MS Staff who organised the day and the great staff at the Doone Kennedy Aquatic centre in Hobart for their time and support.<span><a tabindex="-1"></a></span>As a team and club, we should be proud of what was achieved last night. Hopefully the funds raised will go to support people living with MS.Just a couple of points from last night that were achieved as a team and personally by team members.As a Team Tomatoes Swim Club raised a total of $8614 .00.Also, highest fundraising team.Thanks to Cameron Simpkins the Tomatoes Swim Club achieved the Highest individual fundraiser: with a total of $3004.06, with Matt Williams not far behind for a change with a total of $2974.34.Tomatoes Swim club also won the Trophy for the longest distance swam a massive 41.5kmsTomatoes Swim Club also won overall winning teamI did hear were did miss out on best dressed but as they say you can't win it all.I will not forget to thank all the other teams that also played a huge role in fund raising and swimming for 12 hours last night, it was a combined effort from all teams which raised a total of $24,252.00 for this great cause.

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